Proof of Accommodation for Visa is one of the essential requirements for applying visa, requested by the consulates and embassies of different countries. This particular visa requirements for Indian citizens is more importantly, necessary while travelling to Europe.
You must be wondering why the immigration authorities demand proof of accommodation for a visa? How to comply with all the requirements for a hassle-free visa? What is the proof of accommodation documents required for a visa? The article will provide you with clear guidance on what arrangements and documents you need to do for proof of accommodation for a visa.image

Important Documents required as Proof of Accommodation for Visa
You can produce either of the documents as proof of accommodation for visa application:
1. Confirmation letter from the hotel where you are planning to stay or can be a letter of accommodation OR
2. A certificate of accommodation OR
3. A proof of accommodation
The basic reason for verifying the proof of accommodation for visa application is to be certain that the person has a place to stay or sleep in the visiting country.
The verification is performed by the Visa consulates or embassies through the following letters or proofs or certificates:
• Hotel reservations where you will be staying during the tenure of the visit
• An invitation letter from a host on the proof of accommodation example if you are staying with a family or a friend
• A confirmation letter from a tour operator (if you are travelling through a packaged tour) with the payment details
• An agreement or a contract if planning to stay in rent during the visit 

There are few exceptions though depending on the immigration requirements of certain countries. They may only demand a proof to substantiate that you have sufficient money to sustain the tour. In such cases, the documents required for a visa can be a bank statement or a salary proof or an employment letter for example.

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