Work Visa in Europe

Work visa in Europe, residence permits

Legal labor migration of foreigners to the EU countries for citizens of other states is possible only on the basis of a special document – a work visa to Europe. In 2021, a visa to work in the EU is in great demand, since for citizens of Asia, the Middle East and Africa who wish to work abroad, the opening of borders after quarantine does not exclude the need to obtain a work permit. The short-term visa regime allows visiting the countries of the Schengen Union for tourist, business or guest purposes for a certain period not exceeding 90 days per six months. Employment in Europe without proper permission threatens the applicant with problems with the migration service, fines, subsequent deportation and refusal to enter European countries for a period of six months to 5 years. That is why you need to get a work visa to Europe in advance!

Work visa in Europe

Terms of validity of a work visa in Europe

A European work visa belongs to the category of long-term, and is issued for a period of one to three years, depending on the visa history of the applicant and the position he plans to hold, as well as the decisions of the visa officers of the consulate of the state to which the candidate is sent. Our law firm helps to quickly, legally and inexpensively obtain a work visa to Europe for foreigners from various countries. The team of visa experts and migration lawyers takes on the whole range of problems related to the preparation of a work visa, filing documents, communication with the embassy or visa center, as well as the delivery of a ready-made visa permit for employment at the specified address.

Various work visas to Europe

Work visa to the Hungary

Hungary is a European Union country offering immigrant workers good working conditions and stable salaries. You will learn how and by whom to find a foreigner in Hungary from the managers of our company.

Third-country nationals can obtain a work permit in Hungary in two ways. On the one hand, within the framework of residence and employment of third-country nationals in accordance with the consolidated procedure for granting permission by Directive 2011/98 / EC, on the other hand, by obtaining a work permit.

Work visa to Poland

A visa to work in Poland is issued for a period of up to one year, with the subsequent right to re-apply and renew according to the terms specified in the work invitation. To apply for a Polish work visa, you need a standard minimum package of documents, payment of the visa fee and an invitation from a potential employer. If you need a work visa to Europe and a work permit in Poland, then our company will help you collect all the documents as quickly as possible, get an invitation and all the papers. The country’s legislation allows obtaining several types of national work visas: work (for six months), seasonal (for 9 months) and voivodship (for 1 year).

Work visa to Estonia

A visa to work in Estonia is issued for up to one year. To apply for an Estonian work visa, you need a standard minimum package of documents, payment of the visa fee and an invitation from a potential employer. The Estonian work visa in Europe is quoted like the visas of all other Schengen countries. Our legal company will help you to collect and arrange all the documents.

Work visa to Lithuania

A Lithuanian work visa can be issued for a period not exceeding one year or equal to the period of validity of the employment agreement with the employer. Illegal employment, even for a short period, is punishable by administrative penalties in this country, after which a citizen who violated the law will be deported from the country without the right to re-visit. If you want to get a work visa to Europe, call us and we will help you collect documents for visa applicants in Lithuania.